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“I have always loved beautiful things. And I never wanted my life to be boring, maybe that’s why I’m drawn to jewelry— it has a sculptural quality that makes it interesting and takes it beyond mere decoration. I feast on creativity, inclusivity, honoring art and sustaining culture through jewellery.

There is an individuality to everyday jewellery that I wanted to capture when I designed my own line. So I created a line of everyday luxe jewellery that sets effortlessly. Minimal, essential and affordable are attributes I personally aimed for so that it's just enough of a splurge to feel like a sneaky treat for yourself.

Engagment Ring


Anushka Jain has created a jewellery brand for the modern and mindful women - Anushka Jain Jewellery.

This line was made to connect with those who consciously seek eye-catching, meaningful designs that have a sincere timelessness and attention to craftsmanship.Each piece is thoughtfully meant to feel like a natural extension of the wearer as a form of self-expression.

AJJ features contemporary designs that are largely influenced by Anushka's love for modern art and design,nature,and the journey of life and it's symbolism.

She credits her enterpreneurial spirit to her family who have been actively a part of the same genre.

Each AJJ Jewelry creation is diligently handmade by the karigars in Jaipur based atelier using traditional metalsmith techniques.From drafting initial sketches, to using a fabrication or wax casting approach - Anushka's meticulous process allows her to create handcrafted, quality pieces that women can feel proud to wear and cherish.


Anushka values the importance of full transparency between the makers & wearer. She shares ongoing clips of her work process, sources of inspiration, and more, through AJJ's Instagram channel. It's her mission to inspire followers & clients to make conscious puchase decisions and constantly question how and where items are made.  


Anushka takes pride in the handmade process involved in each piece she creates. Ultimately, crafting each piece by hand provides the entire line with an artisanal essence and soul that can’t be replicated in mass-produced items. 

She respects the responsibility to give back to the planet and its natural resources that have been our invaluable foundation